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Delivering self generated, distributed, renewable energy which is orhestrated by leading edge technology including artificial intelligence and blockchain.

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Self generated, distributed, renewable energy orhestrated by AI

Circle Energy believes that the transition to renewable energy and carbon reduction is achieved most effectively by well designed and managed integrated distributed renewable energy generation, storage and consumption. This not only offers substantial cost reductions for users but has very positive effects on grid stability and size. The use of digital technologies (including blockchain) and smart devices enables the optimisation of the use of these resources. This strategy has been applied in industrial and local government settings.

  • Powered by Blockchain
  • 100% Renewable Energy
  • Australian Owned & Operated
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Optimising Power

Circle Energy analyses the most cost effective and economic management of power use, import and export and designs VENs (that might include existing installations) that provide transparency and control to the users. This includes the best use of self generation and storage and the appropriate strategies for tariffs and for load shaping.

Managing Power

Circle Energy acts as Energy Manager for its clients to deliver the outcomes from using VENs and other strategies for dynamic and sustainable benefit. Circle Energy operates the VEN markets enabling communities to share power for economic and social benefit. The VENs can incorporate Virtual Power Plants (VPPs) capable of generating enough aggregate power to participate in high value wholesale markets.

Trading Power

Circle Energy enables users to access multiple markets for renewable energy. Users who export power can nominate the destination such as friends and family or other business sites and employees or can trade in the VEN market receiving higher prices than the Feed In Tariff. Users who do not have generation can buy from the VEN at cheaper prices or from external renewable generators.

Finance Available

Circle Energy is able to provide finance in many forms.

It can source longer term finance that is more aligned to the economic life of the equipment and produces lower cash outgoings for repayments. Circle Energy is leading in finance solutions for these long term distributed assets.

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